The Weinert


Current Lab Members

Postdoctoral researchers

Graduate and undergraduate students

nick marotta.jpg

Nick Marotta

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

Education: B.A. University of Virginia

Project: Cyclic Nucleotides

Fun fact: Enjoys reading and collecting sci-fi and fantasy novels


Maddy Helm



Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact


Florian Fekete

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

Education: B.S., Cal State University, Sacramento

Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact: I enjoy baking and building models


Myrrh Perez-Ruiz



Project: 2',3'-cNMPs 

Fun fact



Kimberly Beaton

Hometown: Salem, NH

Education: B.S., Salve Regina University

Project: Microbial Interactions and Cyclic Nucleotides

Fun fact: I love reptiles and have owned 3 snakes

Awards: Homer F. Braddock Biology and Chemistry Fellowship (2018-2020)


Jacob Potter

Hometown: Madison, West Virgina

Education: B.S., Marshall University

Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact: I played an extra in a historical drama

Awards: Homer F. Braddock Biology and Chemistry Fellowship


Nushrat Hoque

Hometown: Middletown, NY

Education: B.A., Bard College 

MA Montclair State University 

Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact: I can speak six languages and french was the hardest to learn

Awards: Science of Achievement Marie Sklodowska Curie Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry, University Graduate Fellowship

Lab alumni

Graduate students

Xin Jia

Benjamin Fontaine

Shannon Rivera

Dayna Patterson

Yasha Duggal

Ph.D. 2015

Current position: Assistant Professor at China Agriculture University 

Postdoc 2014

Current position: Professor at Hunan Normal University

Parth Jariwala

Sean Walsh

Laura Briggs

Yuqi Wu

Paul Young

Carmen Metzler

Yitao Dai

Ph.D. 2018

Current position: Lifemine Therapeutics

Postdoc 2015

Current position: Assistant Director, Licensing at Emory University

Ph.D. 2019

Current position: Merck

Postdoc 2019

Current position: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Ph.D. 2021

Current position: Postdoc in Amy Rosenzweig's lab at Northwestern

Ph.D. 2021

Current position: Science writer for the Broad Institute

Shikha Singh Chauhan, Ph.D.

Postdoc 2022

Current position: Southern Illinois University

Justin Burns, Ph.D.

Jian-bo Wang, Ph.D.


Undergraduate students

Elana Shaw

Adam Young

Deanna Dailey

Hyerin Yoon

Johnnie Walker, Ph.D.

Ariel Shuelke-Sanchez, Ph.D.

Postdoc 2020

Current position: Merck

Lydia Jordache

Yashar Yaxiaer

Lauren Hendricks