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The Weinert


Current Lab Members

Postdoctoral researchers


Jacob Potter

Hometown: Madison, West Virgina

Education: B.S., Marshall University

Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact: I played an extra in a historical drama

Awards: Homer F. Braddock Biology and Chemistry Fellowship

Graduate and undergraduate students

nick marotta.jpg

Nick Marotta

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

Education: B.A. University of Virginia

Project: Cyclic Nucleotides

Fun fact: Enjoys reading and collecting sci-fi and fantasy novels


Noah Brady

Navin Rana

Florian Fekete

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

Education: B.S., Cal State University, Sacramento

Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact: I enjoy baking and building models



Nushrat Hoque

Hometown: Middletown, NY

Education: B.A., Bard College 

MA Montclair State University 

Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact: I can speak six languages and french was the hardest to learn

Awards: Science of Achievement Marie Sklodowska Curie Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry, University Graduate Fellowship

Ariana Santos

Hometown: Tiffin, OH

Education: B.S., University of Dayton

Project: Bacterial Oxygen Sensing

Fun fact: I've written several fantasy novels


Haiyun Liu

Hometown: Dalian, China

Education: B.S., Fudan University

Project: Cyclic Nucleotides

Fun fact: I'm great at giving pills to cats


Undergraduate students

Lab alumni

Graduate students

Xin Jia

Benjamin Fontaine

Shannon Rivera

Dayna Patterson

Yasha Duggal

Ph.D. 2015

Current position: Assistant Professor at China Agriculture University 

Postdoc 2014

Current position: Professor at Hunan Normal University

Parth Jariwala

Sean Walsh

Laura Briggs

Yuqi Wu

Paul Young

Carmen Metzler

Yitao Dai

Ph.D. 2018

Current position: Lifemine Therapeutics

Postdoc 2015

Current position: Assistant Director, Licensing at Emory University

Ph.D. 2019

Current position: Merck

Postdoc 2019

Current position: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Ph.D. 2021

Current position: Postdoc in Amy Rosenzweig's lab at Northwestern

Ph.D. 2021

Current position: Science writer for the Broad Institute

Shikha Singh Chauhan, Ph.D.

Postdoc 2022

Current position: Southern Illinois University

Justin Burns, Ph.D.

Jian-bo Wang, Ph.D.


Undergraduate students

Elana Shaw

Adam Young

Deanna Dailey

Hyerin Yoon

Johnnie Walker, Ph.D.

Ariel Shuelke-Sanchez, Ph.D.

Postdoc 2020

Current position: Merck

Lydia Jordache

Yashar Yaxiaer

Lauren Hendricks

Bobby Liu

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